Holly Haven’s History…

View from the street at Holly Haven

Breathtaking view from the street with the wrap-around porch featured.

Rehoboth Beach was named from the scriptures.  Rehoboth – which means “room enough” was originally established as a location for Methodist Camp meetings.  Some of the original beach-camp houses of Rehoboth Beach still stand.  The front portion of “Holly Haven” is an example of that history. 

The two lots on which “Holly Haven” is built, were laid out by “The Rehoboth Beach Camp Meeting Association of the Methodist Episcopal Church”.  The “plots” are recorded as such in the Sussex County Recorder’s Office in Georgetown, DE. 

The deed to the land and original premises dates back more than 100 years.  The history recorded here begins with 1913. 

George W. Bright, then owner, sold the original lots, one to Robert K. Stephenson in 1913, and the other to Ella C. Emery.  Al and Marie Leaman purchased the combined properties from the family of Robert K. Stephenson in March of 1941.  The Leamans named the property “Holly Haven” and began renting rooms during the season.  A fewAERIALPIC years later, Al Leaman built the three-story addition to the original house which now holds the 12 rooms rented each season.  He also built the garage apartment as well. 

In 1999 the property came to Haide and Bill Earl who own and operate “Holly Haven” today.  Their desire is that the property under their management would continue to reflect the wholesome and quiet lifestyle that prevailed during the times that the community was established.

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